Airbnb Photography - Steven Li Photography

Are you using your cellphone to take pictures of your place?

Would you like your Airbnb property to be booked solid all year round?

Want to be so busy that you’re constantly turning away customers and need to raise your rates?

Hi, my name is Steven Li, and I am a full-time professional photographer at Steven Li Photography. I have lots experience in real estate photography and I would like to help you have professional looking pictures of your Airbnb property to attract more customers and get them excited to stay at your place and have your rooms constantly booked all year around. Simply having professional pictures on your listing can increase your bookings by 10-20%.

With my real estate photography services this is what you get:

Use of a wide angle lens to make your spaces look big

Lighting equipment is used to make rooms stand out

Photos are edited to look their best Images can be delivered as quick as the next day

My rates are:

$125 for Condo

$150 for Houses

For more information please contact me via text or call at 780-722-6697 or email

Here is an example of a before and after for an Airbnb client I had done for his house.

Nick has been running his Airbnb for over 2 years now. He used cell-phone photos to advertise his rooms and that worked “OK”. But after he upgraded to professional grade photos, there was a dramatic change. The new photos made the rooms stand out and did a far better job of expressing the space. Since the upgrade, he now has very few vacancies and says that he was booked solid for the entire month of October 2017. Keep in mind that in the previous October, he could only fill 2 out of the 5 rooms in his home. Nick considers his photo up-grade a “quality investment” and would recommend it to any Airbnb host.

Before and After

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